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specialised DC alternators produce high outputs at very low rotor RPM.

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Rapid-Power have developed several, patent pending, world first, design innovations including a universal fit, flange mount bracket system, a high output oil-pump drive alternator, a high output sealed dust proof alternator, and a dual voltage high output alternator.



Rapid-Power alternators are manufactured with precision machine tools. Crucial tolerances exceed industry standards. All design features are engineered beyond those of conventional alternators. Rectifiers are manufactured with high temp genuine Bosch Zener diodes mounted into highly efficient heat-sinks. Electrical winding are assembled with C class insulation (200C continuous rated). Rotors are balanced beyond industry standards. High temp C3 bearings are mounted into precision turned journals with heat-sink cooling. Alternators are designed for near maximum output and cooling efficiency at very low rotor RPMs.



Rapid-Power alternators produce significantly more output than existing standard alternators. These performances are achieved via,

  • Precision manufacturing

  • Rotor design, assembly and balancing

  • Stator design and assembly

  • Rectifier design, diode quality and assembly

  • Cooling fan design

  • Regulator quality


Rapid-Power alternators are suitable for the following applications

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Utility vehicles
  • Mining vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Refrigerated delivery vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Metro and transit buses
  • Performance vehicles



A continuous research and development program means prototype products can be made available in very short lead times. Manufacturing of the complete alternators in house enables Rapid-Power to provide product quickly and economically, even for short production runs






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