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specialised DC alternators produce high outputs at very low rotor RPM.

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The Rapid-Power mining duty alternators have been developed to provide serious durability in extremely demanding conditions. These alternators have many unique and unprecedented design features.

The first and foremost feature is the bearing seals, the bearings are sealed with special labyrinth frictionless seals, these seals provide complete ‘sealed for life’ protection. The bearings in the alternators have massive load ratings many times beyond the required minimum. The brush-less rotors are balanced to very high standards, which significantly further extends bearing life. The rectifiers are manufactured with 215ºC rated diodes inserted into exceptionally large heat sinks and all connections are welded. The electrical windings have several coats of silicon-based varnish, which provides significant thermal and mechanical protection. The regulator “ floats“ in a thermally conductive potting compound to reduce the effects of vibration. The housings are manufactured from 6000 series aluminium that provides much greater mechanical strength than conventional cast alloy housings. The housings have replaceable steel mounting legs for further strength and durability. All electrical connections are via pre wired Deutsch plugs and a field isolation facility is provided.




  RP5J 28/200 (J180 mount)





Product Alternator
Series RP5
Part # RP5J-28/200
Description Mining duty alternator
Availability Ex STOCK
Volts 28
Amps @ engine idle 100
Max Amps 200
Mounting type Direct fit to OEM bracket
Rotation undirectional
Housing material 6061 aluminium
Housing finish bare
Positive stud size 3/8" UNC Brass
Negative stud size 3/8" UNC Brass
Insulated ground YES
Brushed NO
Brushless YES
Regulator sensing Internal
Exciter trio YES 3 x 64mp IR
Regulator location Mounted on outside
Regulator type Delco-Remy 1116405
Shaft Diameter 22.2 mm
Pulley OEM or supplied
Vacuum pump N/A
Rectifier 12 x Bosch ZH8 zener
Excitation W/light excitation
Tacho-feed Phase terminal





The Rapid-Power corrosion resistant mining duty alternator has been developed for continuous use in highly corrosive and dusty environments. The rectifier and regulator are potted in thermal adhesives for complete environmental protection. The stator and field windings are coated in special resins with high intrinsic mechanical and thermal protection. The alternators have a brush-less design and the bearings are sealed with labyrinth frictionless seals, which offer complete protection from dust and water. The alternator housings are machined from 6000 series aluminium and are then black anodised. All steel parts are double zinc coated.

  RP2BT suits Toyota Cruiser 79 series/80 series





Product Alternator
Series RP2
Part # RP2BT-14/100
Description High output/ Low RPM Alternator
Availability Ex STOCK
Volts 14
Amps @ engine idle 70
Max Amps 100
Mounting type Direct fit to engine mounts
Rotation Clockwise
Housing material 6061 aluminium
Housing finish Anodised black
Positive stud size 8mm brass
Negative stud size 8mm stainless
Insulated ground NO
Brushed NO
Brushless YES
Regulator sensing External
Exciter trio YES
Regulator location Internal
Regulator type DR
Shaft Diameter 22.2 mm
Pulley OEM or supplied
Vacuum pump N/A
Rectifier 9 x Bosch ZH8 zener
Excitation W/Light




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