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Integrated Alternator/Compressor System for off Engine Refrigeration


The Rapid-Power integrated alternator/compressor system has been designed to overcome significant operating and reliability limitations inherent in current off-engine refrigerated body trucks.

Our system deals specifically with the following design criteria,

1. Electrical accessory loads.
2. Compressor mounting & drive belts.

The Rapid-Power integrated system includes a high output at idle alternator, and a precision-machined compressor and alternator-mounting bracket. The refrigeration compressor is driven off a separate pulley so that no modifications are made to the OEM drive belt system.

Electrical accessory loads

An OEM alternator is not usually capable of dealing with extra electrical accessories at engine idle, consequently the electrical load from the refrigeration condenser and evaporator fans and compressor clutch coil causes battery discharge at idle. This condition will severely shorten battery life, can cause starting failure in the event of engine stalling, can shorten the life of refrigeration fan motors and can cause slow running of fan motors which reduces refrigeration efficiency.
A Rapid-Power alternator covers the entire electrical load at engine idle including; cabin air conditioning, all lights, windscreen wipers and body refrigeration with battery charge always being maintained at 28Volts or 14V depending on the vehicle type.
A Rapid-Power alternator does not require an idle up device to achieve these results.

Compressor mounting

Existing, off engine refrigeration fit-outs may require the compressor to be driven via one or two of the alternator drive belts. This reduces belt wrap on the alternator pulley, which in turn can cause alternator belt slip and reduced belt life. For these vehicles the Rapid-Power system provides an auxiliary pulley mounted between the water pump and fan that drives the compressor. No modifications to the existing truck components are required.
The Rapid-Power compressor-mounting bracket is a billet machined aluminium block that mounts the compressor in a fixed position. This system ensures correct belt wrap on all pulleys and does not interfere with OEM drive belt system.


The system outlined above is vehicle specific; with each model designed to bolt on to existing engine block mounting holes. Installation is simple and requires no mechanical adjustment of any original engine components. This system prevents belt miss-alignment, eliminates premature belt wear, eliminates battery undercharge, improves refrigeration efficiency and accommodates increases in refrigeration capacity if required. The vehicle operator can use all electrical accessories at all times without causing any battery discharge.




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